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10 Things to Love about Dude Ranch Holidays

April 12, 2014
What you might enjoy about a dude ranch vacation with your family, group or on your own. by Darley Newman I love a good vacation. Who doesn't? And for me, mixing the fresh air and beautiful scenery in great outdoors with Western hospitality, history, active adventures and friends is a… Read more »

Play Cowboy on this Century Old Working Cattle Ranch in New Mexico

April 7, 2014
78,000 acres of wild high country, 3000 head of yearling steers and just four guests! Can you handle playing cowboy here? Learn about N Bar Ranch in New Mexico and get swept away with these dreamy Western photos. by Darley Newman If you want a working ranch vacation where you… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Dude Ranch Vacation- Travel Tips!

April 3, 2014
How to plan your dream dude ranch vacation for singles, groups, families and fickle travelers. by Darley Newman Interested in taking an all-American dude ranch vacation? As someone who's taken a lot of them, including girlfriend getaways, family escapes, and wilderness adventures while filming Equitrekking, I can tell you that… Read more »

9 Great Yellowstone National Park Ranch Vacations

March 26, 2014
Top dude ranches and guest ranches conveniently located near Yellowstone National Park in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, so you can visit America's first national park before, after or during your next ranch vacation. by Darley Newman After featuring dude ranches near national parks, including in an Equitrekking PBS TV Special on… Read more »

Budget-Friendly Dude Ranch Vacations

March 21, 2014
Take a dude ranch vacation this summer that's easy on the wallet and large on fun! by Darley Newman Looking for an affordable ranch vacation? If you've done your research, you know that prices vary widely from under $1,000 per person per week to over $4,000. While many ranches offer… Read more »

Fun Dude Ranch Quiz- Test your knowledge of American ranches

February 27, 2014
Test your knowledge of American ranches, including fun facts, history and Western culture with this Equitrekking quiz! by Darley Newman Take a fun quiz with questions on great American ranches. Use these great dude ranch resources to search for the answers: the Equitrekking Vacation Guide and Top20Ranches.com and the hints below. Good luck!… Read more »

Leading a Trail Ride 101 from T Cross Ranch

February 25, 2014
Longtime guest Cindy Coe tests her skills as a wranglerette, leading three girlfriends on a trail ride out from T Cross Ranch up to Hole in the Wall in Wyoming. by Cindy Coe At supper one evening, Mark told four of us gals that we could head out on our… Read more »

Best Cattle Drive Vacations for Spring, Summer & Fall 2014

February 4, 2014
Mark your calendars for the best cattle drive vacations this spring, summer and fall at real working ranches in Wyoming, Kansas and Montana. by Darley Newman Working cattle ranches across the USA welcome travelers to participate in round-ups and cattle drives. Cattle drives are necessary to move cattle between winter… Read more »

Short Dude Ranch Stays- 1 to 4 night flexible ranch vacations

January 20, 2014
Interested in taking a dude ranch vacation, but don't have a whole week to spare? These dude and guest ranches offer short stay options for flexible ranch vacations. by Darley Newman Modern travelers are often short on time. Many modern dude ranches have caught on, straying from the traditional week-long… Read more »

Top Dude Ranches for Corporate Retreats & Team Building

January 11, 2014
Dude ranches are a great setting for corporate retreats, meetings and team building, whether you're a small business, group of executives or larger corporation. Different ranches focus on varied activities to help colleagues excel as leaders and gel as workmates, ranging from the equestrian–– team penning, horseback riding, horse communication… Read more »