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Kansas Cattle Ranch Invites Guests to Experience Ranch Life

May 11, 2015
Several years ago, the Moore family was looking for a way to increase the ranch income without putting more stress on the existing natural resources or changing their lifestyle. The answer was to allow a limited number of guests to come along with them on their daily routine. Now from… Read more »

Top 11 USA Ranch Vacations for Solo Women Travelers (and Singles)

May 9, 2015
Top picks for the best USA dude and guest ranch vacations for solo travelers–– men and women–– and when to go. by Darley Newman If you’re a solo female traveler or venturing to a dude ranch on your own, you want to find a ranch where you feel comfortable, don’t… Read more »

Bar W Guest Ranch: A Year-Round Pick for Solo Travelers

May 9, 2015
This Montana guest ranch on Spencer Lake in Whitefish is popular among single and solo travelers. by Darley Newman One of the draws is Bar W Ranch’s small, family atmosphere, but also the scenic rides. Guests traverse mountains, foothills and open prairies in Montana Big Sky country. Riding events also… Read more »

C Lazy U: Luxury Ranch Vacations for Solo Women Travelers

May 9, 2015
Solo women travelers looking for a luxury guest ranch experience might want to check out some of the women-only events at The C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, which has been welcoming guests since 1919. by Darley Newman At C Lazy U, some of these special weeks that draw in… Read more »

Colorado Cattle Company Working Ranch Vacations for Solo Travelers

May 9, 2015
This working ranch in Northern Colorado, where we filmed for Equitrekking, welcomes solo men and women to experience cattle drives, brandings and special clinics with professional cowboys. by Darley Newman Guests at Colorado Cattle Company & Guest Ranch can help out with ranch chores, gain experience in taking care of… Read more »

Enchantment Equitreks Horse Vacations for Solo Women Travelers

May 9, 2015
This boutique ranch 45 minutes east of Albuquerque 
caters to small groups and never has more than four riders. With around 90% of clients being single women travelers, ladies have a special affinity for this New Mexico ranch. by Darley Newman In addition to trail riding vacations, Enchantment Equitreks offers… Read more »

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch- Top Pick for Solo Travelers

May 9, 2015
With a limit of around 25 riders weekly, this Shell, Wyoming working ranch east of Yellowstone National Park welcomes many solo travelers, most of whom are horse owners or are active riders. by Darley Newman Equestrians appreciate The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch’s Authentic Horsemanship approach. Ranch staff work hard… Read more »

Working Ranch Vacation for Solo Men and Women Travelers in Kansas

May 9, 2015
Many solo travelers, including dads, moms, single gals and good friends of the Equitrekking team, visit Moore Ranch, a Southwest Kansas working ranch. by Darley Newman Since Moore Ranch only takes around 1-5 guests at a time, your vacation will be customized and personalized for you and you’ll enjoy more… Read more »

Rocking Z Guest Ranch, Montana- Top Pick for Solo Women Travelers

May 9, 2015
This Montana ranch is popular with solo female travelers, especially those interested in natural horsemanship. by Darley Newman This Montana guest ranch is a top pick for solo women travelers, who give it rave reviews, often citing it as a life-changing experience. Located in Wolf Creek, Rocking Z Guest Ranch… Read more »

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Offering Special Weeks for Solo Travelers

May 9, 2015
Travel to this Colorado guest ranch for their special weeks, including the Great Grownup Getaway, a kid-free week! by Darley Newman West of Loveland and an hour north of Denver, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch is a family-oriented, environmentally conscious dude ranch. While not as many solo travelers visit the ranch during… Read more »