Darley Newman is the three-time Daytime Emmy-nominated host and producer of the internationally broadcast Equitrekking television series. Darley shares stories of traveling to destinations as close to home as Virginia and as far-flung as Botswana—horse riding, hiking, biking, dog-sledding and having active, equestrian adventures with local people.


10 Things to Love about Horseback Pack Trips

December 8, 2014
A horseback pack trip gets you out into the wilderness to truly discover the call of the wild! Here's what we love about packing out on horseback! by Darley Newman If you really want to get into the wilderness, a horseback pack trip is a great option. It gets you… Read more »

Top Ranches & Horseback Riding Vacations with Pools for Kids

December 7, 2014
Anyone who's traveled with kids knows that an awesome pool is a very welcome amenity. Check out these ranches and horseback riding vacations with great pools for kids... and adults. by Darley Newman Want to ride horses and stay at a ranch, resort or horse riding vacation spot with a… Read more »

A Romantic Equestrian Escape to Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

December 6, 2014
What could be more romantic than a sunset horseback ride? What about riding to a secret waterfall, hidden deep within a tropical paradise? You can do both at Blancaneaux Lodge, located deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve close to the border with Guatemala and a variety of Maya ruins… Read more »

5 Fun Facts About Modern North American Cowboys

December 4, 2014
Sometimes cowboys wear skirts and other funny facts about modern cowboys. by Darley Newman Do cowboys still exist? Well, their lifestyles may have changed, but yes, you can still find cowboys alive and well today.  Watch the video to discover five fun facts about modern cowboys and where you can… Read more »

Dude Ranches Offering Military Discounts

November 11, 2014
Great dude ranches honoring Veterans with military discounts! by Darley Newman On Veterans Day, we reflect on ways we can honor our nations' Veterans not just today, but beyond. In honor of Veterans Day, check out a few of the many dude ranches and guest ranches that offer military discounts.… Read more »

Dude Ranch Video Playlist

October 26, 2014
Learn about the history of American dude ranches and get packing tips for your ranch vacation in these special videos from the Emmy winning TV series, Equitrekking. by Darley Newman We've visited dude ranches and guests ranches across the United States in Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and beyond. Check out… Read more »

Riding Missionary Routes through Africa’s Salt Pans

October 25, 2014
The Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana is the site of an ancient super lake about the size of Portugal. These salt pans, one of the largest on the planet, are otherworldly and amazing to explore on horseback–– if you’re properly prepared for the elements. by Darley Newman Riding out of the… Read more »

Top Horse Safaris in Botswana, Africa

October 13, 2014
Riding in Botswana, Africa was one of the most exciting and amazing adventures of my life. Learn about the best places for your Africa riding holiday. by Darley Newman Riding in many different locations throughout Botswana, I was able to trek through the lush delta, vast salt pans and wildlife… Read more »

Dana Village Horse Trek in Jordan

October 10, 2014
Ride back in time through a 15th century village in Jordan, right beside the Dana Nature Reserve. by Darley Newman I certainly felt like I was stepping back in time as I rode an Arabian horse through the small village of Dana on the edge of the Dana Nature Reserve… Read more »

Six Great Wild Horse Tours

October 9, 2014
Organized eco-tour adventures, where you can view wild horses and ponies from the comfort of a vehicle or the back of a galloping steed. by Darley Newman As I’ve traveled the United States and the world, I’ve been surprised by the diverse destinations where I've encountered wild horses, including Waipi'o… Read more »