Darley Newman is the three-time Daytime Emmy-nominated host and producer of the internationally broadcast Equitrekking television series. Darley shares stories of traveling to destinations as close to home as Virginia and as far-flung as Botswana—horse riding, hiking, biking, dog-sledding and having active, equestrian adventures with local people.


10 Things to Know About Iceland Riding Holidays

April 16, 2014
Things I wished I'd known before horse trekking in Iceland. If you're thinking about horseback riding in the Land of Fire and Ice, read this first. by Darley Newman Below are 10 things to know before you travel on an Iceland riding holiday. Have something I've missed? Join the conversation and… Read more »

Exploring Little Petra on Horseback in Jordan

April 11, 2014
Horse Ride through the ancient city of Petra in Jordan by Darley Newman You’ve probably seen photographs of the Petra’s famous Treasury or perhaps know it from the climax of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” starring Harrison Ford, when Indiana finds the Holy Grail inside the Treasury.… Read more »

10 Things to Love About Ireland Riding Holidays

April 9, 2014
Riding horses in Ireland is a great way to explore diverse mountains, countryside and beaches and get to know the locals. Here's what we've loved about our equestrian travels in Ireland. by Darley Newman I'm often recommending people travel to Ireland, whether it's to horseback ride or do other sightseeing.… Read more »

My Wild Chariot Ride in Jerash, Jordan

March 25, 2014
In the historic Roman city of Jerash in Northern Jordan, I was able to try one of the most unique equestrian experiences I could have ever imagined, riding in a horse drawn chariot- rather racing- as a part of RACE, Roman Army and Chariot Experience. by Darley Newman It’s the… Read more »

Horse Trekking in the Wadi Rum in Jordan

March 23, 2014
Riding Arabian horses with the Bedouin in Jordan was one of the most amazing adventures of my life!  by Darley Newman As my horse Chams began to inch forward past my Bedouin guide Atallah on his well-trained racing mount, my heart beat so quickly that I could hardly breathe. I… Read more »

Dogs Stars of Equitrekking Quiz

March 22, 2014
Take this TV trivia quiz and see if you can remember what episode these dogs starred in on Emmy winning Equitrekking   Many a viewer has asked us about the cool dogs who run along with us on the trails during the filming of Equitrekking. See if you can recognize… Read more »

Big Rock Falls, Blancaneaux Lodge & Basil Mojitos in Belize

March 14, 2014
If you're traveling to Western Belize, here's a not-to-miss a trip to Big Rock Falls and a special recipe that you can make at home for your own little taste of Belize. by Darley Newman Located on the Caribbean Coast of Central America and bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, Belize… Read more »

American Dude Ranch Vacations Videos from PBS TV Show

March 10, 2014
Discover ranches and get tips for planning your summer ranch vacation with helpful and fun videos from Equitrekking's "Great American Ranches" PBS TV show. by Darley Newman Interested in a summer ranch vacation? After exploring ranches and experiencing ranch life in Alberta, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Uruguay, Quebec and… Read more »

Utah- Antelope Island Horse Riding with Bison with Video

February 26, 2014
Herding bison on horseback! See how it's done on Antelope Island. by Darley Newman I rode with Ron Brown of R and G Horse and Wagon just outside of Salt Lake City on Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt… Read more »

Travel Like the Locals and learn with my new ulive video series

February 21, 2014
For years, I've been traveling the world with the most genuine, cool local people. Find out what they taught me and what you can learn to help plan your next vacation and be a wiser traveler with my new ulive series. by Darley Newman Having a local to guide you… Read more »